Three proven models: Retained Executive Search, “Retingency” and “Recruiting as a Service”.

TR has experimented with many crazy arrangements, it was fun to be creative! Having seen which partnerships yield the most successful engagements and happiest clients, we have narrowed our scope to three proven models: Retained Executive Search, “Retingency” and “Recruiting as a Service”.

Our Talented Team has been working together for years and we have curated a substantial database of Silicon Valley & San Francisco talent and crafted awesome processes for generating high volume candidate flow and engagement. When we partner you get the benefit of our machine without having to build it yourself.

Attention to details: candidate networking, pipelining, profile deep dives, calendar invites, timely follow-ups, on time phone calls, timely feedback - are all part of the administrative nuances to make sure the ball isn’t dropped with any candidate at any stage of the recruiting process. There is a ton of sourcing, scheduling, email, rescheduling that goes into every candidate. Delegating this task alone gives you hours back. Even the most brilliant, best-intentioned managers inadvertently can’t help but let things fall through the cracks.