Product managers are the modern inventors - from concept to production and then through end of life, product managers spearhead the projects that nurture the design of new ideas and bring them to the public.

What that means is a product manager creates all day! Sound like a fun time to you? It is! But if you’re skeptical, here are five reasons you should absolutely not be a product manager:

  1. You don’t want to make money. Salaries for product managers vary widely depending on experience, part of country, and field of product, but product managers in general make well over nationwide income average. On the low end, a product manager brings in $70,000. A technology product manager in Silicon Valley though can make $130,000.

So absolutely don’t become a product manager if you want to pay your bills, have

cash left over, and have some fun when you aren’t working!

  1. You hate playing all day. Product managers are inventors and head up teams of inventors! We tinker with our inventions all day, finding and eliminating the flaws, making them more and more “sticky” for consumers. The product managers for fidget cubes, for example, play with toys all day.

Do you hate playing with delightful inventions that become your pride and joy when you see people all over the world playing with them too? You’ll hate this job, then.

  1. Thinking is boring. Do you love to stare at ceilings with your mind completely blank and your mouth collecting flies? If you hate finding elusive solutions, and if you hate breakthroughs and breaking stalemates, product management is going to be the worst! Don’t choose a career that makes problem-solving a habit - who wants that!

  2. You don’t like to win. Charlie Sheen probably should have gone into product management! But if you prefer losing and you don’t have tiger blood, you’ll definitely hate product management. We’re always playing games and keeping scores, keeping metrics to know when we’ve won. Don’t want to be a winner - don’t join our club!

  3. You don’t get things done. Do you hate to prioritize? Do you have five minute tasks from 2015 still on the to-do list? Product management is going to be awful! All that checking things off and moving on to new challenges - awful!

There you are! You hate winning, playing, succeeding, thinking, and making money - then you definitely shouldn’t be a product manager!