Welcome to Talented Recruiting's Candidate Information Page!

Based on your arrival, perhaps you recently experienced the prickle or tingle of change. Is it time to see what else is out there? If you are experienced in Product, Design or Sales, you are in luck, we have deep experience in advising and placing candidates in these fields. Whether it is now or in the future, we want to develop a relationship with you. 

By using Talented Recruiting you will have access to unique opportunities. Typically my clients are friends turned CEO, HR Folks or past candidates who are have started companies.  Each time someone reaches out to me to help them fill their roles, I am flattered they trust me and excited to be part of their growing business. It gives me joy to know my hard work and network is helping take their organization to the next level. 

We are selective. If we've contacted you it is because you were hand-picked by someone on our research team who determined that you were highly likely to be successful in a position we’re recruiting for. You are never pressured to accept a job that isn't right for you. We trust your judgment. More than 85% of our placements have stayed at their organizations for over three years. That shows a good fit!

During our intake call, expect to go over your background, motivations for changing companies, and your aspirations for your best possible future employment situation. We want to get a full understanding of your background so we can represent you well.  On this confidential call, you will be asked about salary expectations as well as other companies you are actively interviewing with. By sharing this information with us we are better able to stick to your timeline and position you the best. After each interview, please get in touch as soon as possible to tell us how it went.

As we work with you, we make these promises.

  • We will respect your confidential information.

  • We’ll be as flexible as possible when scheduling interviews.

  • We’ll make our expectations clear – the job descriptions and interview process are rigorously well-thought out to the best of our ability.

  • Even when it’s bad news, we will let you know in a direct and open way.

  • The decision is always yours to make, we just facilitate the process.

If you are more excited after reading this, Let's get the party started!

Danielle van Asch Prevot, Talented Recruiting, CEO