Hiring new staff is expensive! It takes a lot of time to develop the new job title, then you post the ads, and then, honestly, that’s where the nightmare begins. You get an onslaught of resumes and inquiries, and somewhere in that haystack is your needle. If you’re lucky you have a few good needles in that haystack and you have to find them all, then choose the best. It can take hours and even weeks of payroll to find the right person, and if you strike out you have to keep going.

You know what - stop right there - if this were a TV show we could play the record scratch sound effect here (this one, if you’re not already hearing it in your head). You really need to call an agency recruiter instead. Here’s why:

  1. You’ll have the position filled faster. The best recruitment agencies have an arsenal of people looking for the right job, and yours might be it. They’ll post your job if they need to, but it’s entirely possible they won’t have to because they know several people who might just be perfect, and they’re going to immediately a few candidates and present you with just the right ones. You won’t be wading through a pool of resumes from unqualified applicants, and the agency will take care of the initial interview and reference checks too. Agencies are also devoted to this - so while you’d squeeze it in with your other duties, it’s what they do all day. You don’t have to take time out of your day until the agency has found A-list candidates for you to start narrowing down.

  2. You’ll probably find someone better too! The right person may never see your Craigslist ad. But the right person might be in the talent recruiter’s contacts. These are a cultivated list of contacts as opposed to just anyone reading Craigslist ads and shooting off resumes at random.

  3. You can eliminate or reduce a lot of hiring and training costs. Some agencies actually offer training to many jobseekers, but high-end recruiters don’t, and don’t really need to. The referrals that come through these agencies are already top of their field. They’ll need continuing education just like everyone else, but they don’t need a thing to get their foot in the door. Sometimes they might even teach us something!

  4. You’ll decrease turnover and the expenses that come with it. A poor employee takes up an entire day of your week. Forget about it if you have a staff of twenty and five of them qualify. For everyone you have to replace, you lose more hours. Keep quality staff from the start and your turnover goes dramatically down. A recruiter vets candidates before you even hear about them and once more (highly skilled and qualified) person vouching for them.

  5. Goodbye overtime! An agency recruiter takes one more thing off your plate and frees your schedule. But it also means you have highly trained individuals who get the job done effectively and fast - they won’t take five hours on a job that needs one. Your business will run like a well-oiled machine.

There is really no good reason NOT to hire a recruiting agency to take on high-level hires! You’ll save time and money that you may not have even realized you were losing - and your work productivity will increase too!