Mode Analytics is a dream enterprise software for Data Scientists in tech. Highly customizable, this software is the “Sports car” of data analytic tools. With a culture fully focused on their core values, it has been nothing but fun times helping them take their design and design team to the next level.

The Need:

To bring design into the third pillar of the company with a new process, a strong leader and a talented, execution oriented team.

The Outcome:

Over the past year, Talented Recruiting has helped to elevate this design team to the next level. We have successfully placed their Head of Design, 3 Senior PDs with enterprise experience in all the best design things, deep ux with a visual polish. Our team worked tirelessly to bring on their first UX Researcher. We unearthed a Top Brand and Communication designer in the Valley to kick off a unified brand experience.

I have to give credit where credit is due. We couldn’t have done all this hiring without Mode’s Recruiting & executive team being so freaking awesome! Out of all of our hiring partners, this company has truly built an excellent recruiting machine. It makes it so easy and fun to work with them. I could write an entire blog post on why they are so amazing. Bug me, and I just might!