In 2014, Lisa, my bestie and neighbor and I were on an urban hike to Hopper’s Hands in San Francisco.

The Need: To find Lisa a husband.

Lisa and I were in deep into a brainstorming session on how to meet eligible men in San Francisco. On this walk to Hopper’s Hands we established on (a) my friend would be an amazing stepmom and was open to a man with children (b) based on our mutual reading that “widowed men are the most likely to remarry” and  maybe we should find a the bar closest to the local widows meet up group to source from.

The Process

The next morning as I cat-crouched into the only small patch of natural light in my living room, I scoured the internet for a place to find Lisa a man. I settled on a website “Single Parent Meet up” (Owned by, well, their parent company, IAC). I knew my friend could bring so much love to any family she chose to be a part of. Without her behest, I created a profile for my friend, roping in another bestie to help wordsmith it making our friend sparkle, and help her find the man she deserved (Ashley gets major credit for adding: “cute butt earns extra points!”).

That morning I began “poking”. (Quite similar to all those Linkedin inmails I send, and emails I craft). In no time at all, Lisa had a fully functioning robust profile with likes, and emails. It was time to fess up and turn this profile into the hands of its rightful owner!

The Outcome

As they say, the rest is history. For Lisa’s birthday I paid for a one month subscription to the site. (Quite the splurge at the time!) During that month, she met the love of her life, future husband, and father of a dear son, Russ. (She assures me, Russ was her own “poke”.) They were married in 2016 at the St. Francis Yacht Club and I had the honor of being her Maid of Honor.