Team meetings are an essential core to every workplace. It’s more than just a talk-shop; they are a vital organizational function. Meetings are  meant to provide a safe space for you to learn and improve together as a collective business unit, provide & receive real-time feedback, and build a strong support system. The minute your business signs with Talented Recruiting, we are now one team.

In order for Talented Recruiting to best represent you as our client, here are three reasons why it’s important to schedule weekly (or Biweekly) Talented-client meetings:

1.  Pipeline: You will have your own pipeline, and we will have ours. The Bay Area is swarming with a large (and seemingly never-ending) pool of great Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, and more. Help us help you build a strong pipeline! By maintaining an open communication across all channels, duplicates can easily be avoided and when we zero in on a candidate, we can create the best strategy to get them.

2. Feedback: As a client, you know exactly the kind of candidates you would want to hire versus the ones you wouldn’t. Meetings allow us to real-time calibrate together which candidates are (or are not) a fit and why. From there, we can quickly revamp our search if needed and find you the candidates that fit your target profile. If candidates look great, we can immediately deep-dive into next steps and the essentials needed to carry out an effective scheduling system that works across all parties

3. Accountability: We each have tasks & to-do’s we need to complete by the end of the day/end of the week, but meetings will be what hold us accountable for those actions. This way, both parties can now stay up to date with candidate statuses, next steps, and scheduling interviews, as well as the to-do’s still on our list for us to check in on during next week’s meeting.

Pros & Cons: We are a team, and what works for us may not necessarily work for you. Meetings allow us to evaluate what strategies have been working so far, and what haven’t. This helps us operate as a unit more effectively. Our goal is to ultimately do better, and be better

While carving out 30-minutes can sometimes be difficult (everyone’s busy, we totally get it), this is a short-stop to ultimately finding that A+ candidate! Have you scheduled your check-in calls for next week? If not, please schedule a time here.

Christine Lee, Talent Partner, Talented Recruiting