Talented Recruiting makes hiring better, faster and stronger all while having a great time doing it. Unfortunately even the best internal teams still miss out on the most highly qualified passive candidates. Their time is more easily spent weeding out inbound mismatched candidates or they are underwater hiring a gazillion roles and yours is the toughest most specific search they have, making it the last on their list. How good would it feel to be able to trust someone to advise on current comp trends, evaluate your interview process and send you a list of qualified available and interested candidates? I bet it would feel fantastic. I imagine you would feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders, and you get your time back to tackle product features and team management.

Welcome to Talented Recruiting, where we find needles in haystacks and curate the candidate pool for you.

A question that often comes up surrounding our sourcing is,“How does Talented Recruiting find the *right* people?”

Our greatest challenge and our biggest asset is each client’s uniqueness. A great recruiter uncovers correlations between companies and people that make work purposeful & meaningful. It is wonderful having a niche! Having worked in Product & Design at Yelp, Uber & Anaplan, CEO Danielle van Asch-Prevot is already connected to some of the world’s best and brightest product managers and designers. Building upon this network, we’ve made it our mission to stay connected to the top 33% of talent in the Bay Area. We are committed to living our best life, and we want the same for our candidates (who also happen to be our friends!). We present candidates to clients, and clients to candidates, when we believe they will have this fusion of meaning & purpose in the opportunity. We guide our hiring managers to create opportunities that are fulfilling and attract A players.

One way we keep our company living and breathing is fostering a talent community. Through our social media campaigns, digital marketing networking, and one-to-one coffee connections, we are constantly engaging with our network and working to establish ourselves as the best agency for Product & Design matchmaking.

Our clients come to us simply because they're looking for something different than the recruiting companies they've used before. There's a difference between the “headhunting” of yesteryear and the recruiting we do. We hand-select talent, establish relationships, and evaluate the candidate’s entire story to determine if they have the skills, motivation and drive to be successful in our client’s organization. In addition to the nuts and bolts, we screen for soft skills that will be a “culture add”  to the existing culture, and the company and candidate are in alignment in their core values. We believe in hand-selection and love when we have that special, touchy-feely, good fit all around. We call each other around the office and seriously jump with joy. 

Pools of unhappy, ready to move, qualified candidates are shrinking. Tech companies are better than ever at offering exciting projects, work life balance, and a perks that will make any baby boomer shake their head in awe. However, there will always be incentives to make a move. With the pressure to move up the ladder greater than before, interpersonal relationships, and the desire to try new experiences, there will always be workplace movement. While active job seekers are shrinking, the pool is larger than ever because it's literally everyone. Our goal isn't just to find candidates, but to be the fabric to their career. The cotton to their lives. We strive to understand our client’s motivations, product and  cultures so we can match the best people to them. There is a job and a place for everyone in this world. I truly believe that. Let us help you find your match.