At the very basic level, a successful recruiter creates the opportunity for talent to connect with their clients. So how does a recruiter make sure they’re doing everything they can to accomplish their job? If you are an internal recruiter or a hiring manager looking to add pipeline to a critical role, here are three things we do every day, without exception!

  1. It’s all about your people. Phone calls and networking are essential! Set a goal to speak personally with at least 30 people every day. These can include prescreens, first interviews and touching base with your network. Make these conversations often and personal - how are their kids, their pets, and - of course - their jobs? Quick touches make the deeper conversations much less forced, more sincere, and FUN! Who wants to talk to someone boring about another boring job!?! At Talented Recruiting we love sending personalized notes when we can! Do some networking every day, and follow up when someone reaches out to you - this can be hard when you’re already so busy! Set time aside every day, even if it’s 30 minutes. You might miss a day here and there - you know if you miss one day, you need 45 minutes for the next two. If you are having a great call, don’t forget to ask for referrals!

  2. Track your success. Know who you’re matching, how long it takes, and where the matches are coming from. Watch how long you spend on the phone and emails and social media. Track it all and find the patterns. Don’t abandon one form because others are better - contact is essential and it’s what this work comes down to. But focus your time on the most productive areas, and for those areas that aren’t as successful, hone your time and get the message to an art form! It will increase the success while minimizing the time you put into it.

  3. Always improve yourself. There’s so much to learn - read the latest books, keep up with the latest technologies, and listen to the great business minds. You’ll never know everything and you shouldn’t let all you do know keep you from learning more. And this advice isn’t just about work! If you’re all work and no play, you won’t be at your best while working. Nurture your personal goals, get all the vacation time you can, enjoy your friends and family, and step outside of the office! Even when you have to work a little too much, find ways to make it fun. Love the theater and scored tickets to Hamilton? Invite a client. (We did, check out photos here!) Got the big table reserved at a hot new restaurant? Invite clients. There will be periods when you feel like you don’t have much work-life balance, and as long as it’s brief, that’s okay. Make the work fun!

So what are some methods and practices you use as a recruiter to meet your own definitions of success? What works and what has failed? Let us know in the comments; we’d love to hear what works and doesn’t for others!